Cohort 18—19

Guiding individuals & communities to rediscover purpose & value in sustainable behaviour

Business of Design is an academic and experiential learning program that combines design principles and entrepreneurial aspirations. The aim of the program is to teach students how to design sustainable organizations.  In the Fall 2018 semester our cohort took IAT 330: Introduction to Business of Design, in which the focus was to learn about the wicked problem of climate change and then create an educational offering to address it. Our organization seeks to teach people about climate change by helping them create more sustainable habits.  After creating many prototypes over the course of the semester, our class separated into groups to work on final projects.  Our educational offerings include: a hydroponic greenhouse, a yatai, a healthy habit regime, a sustainable paint set, a week-long waste challenge, and a creative waste disposal workshop. By creating different approaches to educating people about sustainable habits, we appeal to people from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Aaron Legaspi
Brendan Mckay
Azat Bayandin
Carolyn Yip
Cuyler Dom
David Waizel
Kim Van
Kirsten Matthews
Koko Kerbis
Landon Reeves
Michelle Swolfs
Nora Le
Yzobel Biron

Cohort 18—19

Nicole Woo
Lisa Papania
Daniel Papania
Duane Elverum

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Our Mentors

Rob Woodbury
Gwenda Woodbury
Emily Smith
David Zandvliet
Jennie Moore
Moura Quayle
Aaron Pardy
Luke Wallace
Alex Harris