I’m a 6th year student who’s been in school for too long and I intend to graduate with a BBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. The two things I’ve wanted to do since I was seventeen are a) to have my own martial arts school and b) have my own farm (with lots of happy chickens)! I stumbled across the BOD program by accident, but I like it better than most of my business classes because we learn how to take action and solve problems, not read a textbook to prepare for an exam.

The course has helped me understand a huge problem the majority of the human race will be facing: a global food shortage because we all depend on supermarkets and huge farms that grow only a few crops to keep us all fed. There was a ton of self-reflection in this course, which got me to realize just how many small, everyday habits I could change to be a little more sustainable.

BOD also helped me discover one of my life goals: encouraging people to become more involved in their food-growing process. To me, this looks like individuals growing their own food and appreciating the effort, work, and satisfaction that comes with being self-sufficient. One of my favourite things about this? We’re supporting ourselves and protecting the Earth from the toxic effects of industrial farming!

One super cool thing we did was build prototypes – actually using power tools (or learning how).  My first prototype before I helped with the rain barrel was a (mini-sized) composter, which didn’t work so well for various reasons. The second prototype, a group project, was a portable greenhouse, which worked out much better and will be growing herbs and high-yield veggies very soon! The goal of the greenhouse is to provide people with low-cost produce grown in a sustainable manner, all while facilitating discussions about how we humans could very well die from famine if we don’t change our dependence on industrial agriculture.

Group Project:

Hydroponic Greenhouse

Aaron Legaspi
Brendan Mckay
Azat Bayandin
Carolyn Yip
Cuyler Dom
David Waizel
Kim Van
Kirsten Matthews
Koko Kerbis
Landon Reeves
Michelle Swolfs
Nora Le
Yzobel Biron

Cohort 18—19


Hydroponic Greenhouse
Community Yatai
Sustainable Paint Set
Healthy Habit Regime
Garbage Patch Kids
Creative Influence Challenge
Nicole Woo