Hi! My name is Yzobel, and I’m a 4th year SIAT and Communications student, and this semester marks my completion of the Business of Design program. This Fall 2018 semester, the topic of solving sustainability problems was the learning outcome.

My first prototype was creating a sustainable fashion item in the form of a tube top. I learned that sustainability means ethical practices in a business value chain. It means paying workers a living wage, not using chemicals in the plant growing process, minimizing waste by creating items that last for years, and choosing local manufacturers over manufacturers that operate overseas.

My second prototype was surveying my design and creative peers on sustainability. I learned that sustainability is a grey area when it comes to the topic of discussion. Sustainability is a generalized word, and it isn’t necessarily understood by my surrounding peers in the ways that they can be proactive about it.

My third prototype was creating influential sustainable changes with the people directly around me. I learned that creating sustainable change begins with me, and influence begins with holding the people around you accountable and vice versa.

Because of this class, I’ve immediately changed a handful of habits including:

• Doing research on the clothing I consume, steering away from big clothing corporations, buying and supporting local clothing, and selling and purchasing used clothing.

• Accumulating more resources for sustainable equipment, including understanding the best places to borrow and return equipment for creative works such as photography and videography.

• Having more open discussions with my family about both our sustainable and unsustainable habits and do what we can to improve, particularly on our eating habits, and how we can cook more sustainable meals. We’ve also done a ton of research into dog food, as we now have a puppy, and there are so many unethical practices that go into making dog food!

Group Project:

Creative Influence Challenge

Aaron Legaspi
Brendan Mckay
Azat Bayandin
Carolyn Yip
Cuyler Dom
David Waizel
Kim Van
Kirsten Matthews
Koko Kerbis
Landon Reeves
Michelle Swolfs
Nora Le
Yzobel Biron

Cohort 18—19


Hydroponic Greenhouse
Community Yatai
Sustainable Paint Set
Healthy Habit Regime
Garbage Patch Kids
Creative Influence Challenge
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